Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Quick Start

  • This free Office Online Converter is quick and reliable.
  • Use the 'Add files......' button to locate the document file on your computer and click the 'Start Convert' button. Done!
  • OR enter URL of the file you want to convert to PDF. enter the URL, click the 'Download and Convert' button. Done!
  • OR Drag you to convert multiple files to the page, click the 'Start Convert' button. Done!
  • When you are converting is done will delete your file now from our server. For your convenience we store your file 24 hours.

2: We have a large number of files can batch convert files?

Yes, Whether casual users or subscribers users , you can batch convert files. Bulk upload support is the best browser Chrome, IE9+, Firefox etc.

3: I uploaded my files will be safe? How did you do?

We understand the concerns about your privacy. These are the steps we take to protect your files.

All files you upload are deleted automatically after 24 hours or after 10 downloads, whichever comes first.
In addition, you also have the option to delete the file instantly on our server after you have downloaded it.
There is no backup made of user files.
The contents of the files are not monitored without permission of the uploader. A manual review of all files is not possible anyway due to the high amount of files we process each day.
The download of your file can only be made via the unique, non guessable download URL you got from us.
You keep the copyright and ownership of the source file and the converted file.

4: I upload files sometimes failed to upload?

We support so many source formats that there can be a lot of reasons why the conversion has failed. For example:

The source file is corrupt.
The source file has been encrypted with Digital Rights Management (DRM) of the owner.
Some codecs inside a file format container that is normally working can't be converted.
The converter does not recognize the source format at all.
If you have entered an URL (like http://www.example.tld/test.php) to submit us your file you want to convert, be sure to provide the direct link to the image/music/document file, not to the website itself. Right click on the link to the file inside of the website, try to copy the direct URL and paste it into one of our converter.
The download link you provided is not accessible by the converter. Possible reasons could be that the file is not available for direct download due to copyright issue or you need to login. You can then try to download the source file directly to computer and upload it from there to our converter.

If you feel this is an error, don't hesitate to write at We are constantly trying to enhance our converter and need your input.

5: I can once compressed download and delete all my files?

Free users can bulk delete conversion results. But Batch compression and Batch Download only registered users can use the function.

6: Why can not I access and download my files?

You find that you can not download the file, the system has automatically delete your files.

Our server inventory space is limited and can not be stored for long periods of your files. After you convert please download. Free user's files will be within 24 hours after the system will automatically be deleted. If you are a registered user files will be converted file, within 30 days will be automatically deleted.

7: I have subscribed to your premium service. How can I cancel the subscription?

Our service is completely free to use and you need not to register with us, but we offer premium services for users that need additional features.

You can cancel your premium service subscription anytime using Paypal:
Login to your PayPal account
Click on the "Profile" tab you find in the menu bar
Click on "My money"
Choose "My preapproved payments" by clicking on "Update"
You can now select the subscription you want to cancel

If you have any problems canceling your subscription with us, please let us know and we will take care of it.

8: I have a question, ask you to help. How to contact you?

If you do not find what you want in our Help Center for answers, do not hesitate to write at

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